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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I've always wanted to write a book. The book I imagined myself writing was fiction, of some sort. Never reality. Reality, you know, the day to day living, was never interesting enough to be written down. Who would want to read about me washing the laundry or cleaning out the cat pan. Yuck. And, booooooorrrrrrriiiiinnnggg.

But, dare I say, chronicling reality is exactly what I need right now. Currently, reality feels a bit like....a movie. Stuck indoors, trying to keep safe, trying to find a new normal, trying to do ALL THE THINGS. I'm even researching how best to home school my daughter this fall. Ask me if I ever thought that would happen!

I'm feeling overwhelmed. Anxious. Frustrated. A little angry at times. I do get overwhelmed by the news. So much to take in daily, and I try to balance interacting with the world as well as my family. It's a juggling act. And that's where the anxiety comes in to play. I feel anxious just imagining the start of a new day. What in the world will this day bring? Then I become frustrated because I get stuck in my anxiety, which makes me angry with myself for feeling any of these completely normal feelings in the first place. Catch-22, anybody? Thank you over-thinking brain and empathetic heart; your daily circus is quite a show.

However, I also feel peace, joy, happiness, and a whole lot of love. Thank you incredible family and close friends. Quarantine brought out the true colors of the people I depend on. I know exactly who to call now for when I feel too much. And the most beautiful part? I am truly learning to return the favor. I've never excelled at being a friend; listening is not a strong suit of mine. Learning to listen well, and hear the voices of my loved ones has helped me slow down. Why is that important? Because I am actually PAYING ATTENTION and GIVING SPACE. I know I want those two things from my inner circle. That's also all they want in return. It's called caring. And boy, does it ever make a difference. Having these positive interactions make the days shine a bit brighter.

As these days continue to unfold, and the uncertainty becomes normal, I'm embracing reality. I'm going to document it here.

My house is a project. What older home isn't? Walls need paint, rooms need organizing, spaces need cleaning, and oh my goodness who doesn't need a good junk purge?!? Beyond that, I've started a garden. Thus far, I've grown broccoli, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and mustard greens (don't knock 'em til you try 'em--I swear they taste like wasabi!). Hubs and I even planted a mini vineyard! I think we're fast becoming suburban homesteaders. I have really stepped up my cooking game (thanks be to Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest!). I am currently cooking through Super Simple, much like the movie Julie and Julia. Tieghan is definitely my spirit animal. Her love of basil gives me life. So you see? Little parts of my life may be boring: cooking, cleaning, gardening, taking care of the cat, etc.; but, maybe, these little parts will lead to the interesting stories. Or, at the very least, spark new friends and a shared space to grow in this new reality. Come follow along! You'll probably laugh your pants off at all the crazy coming out of our house.

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