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What's your style? Mine is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I do love color. Especially blue. Give me all the hues of blue and I will be the happiest woman in the world. I adore dresses. Maxi and midi styles are my absolute favorites. They work well with my curves. Notice I did not say HIDE MY CURVES. I'm not into hiding. I'm a woman with post-baby curves, hear me roar! Speaking of post-baby, my closet has evolved since Emily was born. The big change I have made over these past seven years is choosing only to keep the things that make me happy. Joyful colors that work with my skin tone and hair color; and, styles that my body feels comfortable wearing. With that in mind, I pulled a few pieces that I've collected from my closet and did a try on. Mercy! I feel SO AWKWARD posing and smiling and modeling clothing...I asked Emily to make me laugh while I was taking photos, just so the whole thing would be funny! Y'all........you're seriously going to crack up when I tell you where I bought all of these pieces! Ready? They all came from H-E-B, my local Texas grocery store. Anybody snort laughing yet?! I promise, I bet you'll like at least one of these looks, and you'll LOVE the prices. Here ya go:

First things first, please excuse the really poor lighting. Rainy days do not good natural light make. Now, this dress screamed Anthropologie to me. If you're a friend and you can't find me, drive to the nearest Anthro store. I guarantee you I'll be buried in the sale section searching for treasures. And I am GOOD at it. Totally tooting my own horn here. I love the swing to this dress. The gold wire-wrapped tassels in the front are a perfect accent. Though it's not totally clear here, that bluish looking color is a gorgeous green. It works SO well with the mustard yellows and burnt orange of the flowers. And that HEM. Give me all the bohemian hems. That may be my favorite feature of some of the dresses I'm eyeing for the Fall. My blush Sam Edelman sandals tie this whole thing together, but I could see ankle boots and tights totally turning this into a cooler weather look. Dress price: $20 (scored the sandals at Goodwill, but here they are in Cork)

This dress. Ugh. It has been such a staple for date nights. I need it in every color under the rainbow!! Kidding! But I would like one in blue. My neighbor saw me in this dress and asked to borrow it (we luckily are the same size and body type) for a party. She looked smashing in it and told me she received so many compliments! In my mind, this is truly a staple dress in my closet, simply because it's so versatile. I have padded around the house in this dress like it's my PJ's. I've worn this dress to a fancy restaurant. It goes to the beach. It goes on errand runs. Y'all feelin' me now? This is THE dress. The sleeves can even come off the shoulders for a more sultry vibe (you just may need to use a bit of body tape to keep them in place). The fabric is a rayon/cotton blend and completely breathable. The design is simple, but eye-catching. The tie waist is adjustable. The length is honestly perfect for both flats and heels (a cute pop of solid color is perfect here). And the price? $20. Boom. Done.

Oh my good gracious the expression on my face here.... WOW. For the record, Emily has been making up jokes lately and randomly whipping them out--and I had just started laughing when I took this pic. But I digress, let's look at the dress! Lord have mercy, this picture does nothing for this dress. The dark details you are seeing are actually navy blue. In between the navy are a sapphire blue and a baby blue. It's stunning. And I obviously bought it because it's BLUE. Duh. That simple little V at the neck accents the silver stud necklace like piece that borders the neckline. Simply put, no necklace needed! This one is built in. Just add your favorite pair of earrings! I like the gathering at the waist. It is more flattering to me than a basic flat panel of fabric. Once again, this pairs well with either flats or heels, dressing up or down with ease. Price tag: $25

What can I say, I'm an utter sucker for a blue dress. I had watched this dress on Amazon for quite some time (it was priced at $30) when I last looked). On a trip to H-E-B for some groceries, I just so happened to scoot through the summer section, and low and behold, this was hanging with some swimsuit cover-ups. I drool over the color--it is just as vibrant as it looks. Now, the fabric. It is definitely clingy. I love it for the sheer comfort (it's super soft), but if you do not like your fabrics to cling at all, this dress is not for you. Sans belt it has a lot of movement and room. Very much an around the house, cuddle up dress. I think a belt, a rancher, and some ankle boots would completely spice this little number up for a date night, too. Versatile! That seems to be a common thread with these dresses (or maybe it's just an underlying desire I have for multi-functional attire). Super obsessed with the color. Did I say that already? $20

Last but not least!

For this outfit, I have waited.

Last summer I saw a woman walking along the beach with the most beautiful outfit on, and I swore to myself I would find one similar for me. When I saw this one sitting on the sale rack at H-E-B in all it's navy glory, I grabbed it! Half romper, half dress, fully stylin'. I feel totally smokin' in this romper. And no one could tell me differently. The floral detail is icing on the cake. Baby pink and soft yellow with white details on the navy is perfection. Oh! And did I mention how soft it is? This fabric, y'all. Totally tempted to sleep in it. Now, I did size up heavily in this. Rompers and I have a difficult time. I love them, but my thighs are thick, and guuuuurrrrl, fittin' in these things can be a struggle. However, I know my body, and I was right to jump two sizes. I'm wearing my favorite espadrilles with this, but flats worked well too. I would pair something bright to compliment the soft floral colors. And some statement earrings to match. Drumroll, please, for the sale price tag: $10 Go pick your jaw up off the floor and take a dress buying trip to H-E-B. You might be surprised at what you find!

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